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Invisible Dog Fence : Training Your Puppy

| Invisible Dog Fence | 2012/11/22

Invisible Dog Fence — Training Your Puppy

invisible dog fenceIt cannot be denied that dogs are playful creatures. Left to their own devices, they would typically run around your background and start pulling and tugging on things that are within their reach. If you do not do anything about it, you would most probably left with a yard that’s littered with dirt, torn leaves, and broken pots. Fortunately, you can actually do something about it.

If you are not one to send your pet to an obedience school but would like to ensure that your pet dog stays in one place, your best bet would be to make use of an invisible dog fence. An invisible dog fence, also known as an electronic dog fence, functions in much the same way as your regular fence in that it would be able to keep your dog in one place. As the name implies, an invisible dog fence cannot be seen as these systems make use of wires that are kept to surround the area where you want your dog to stay. In order for the said perimeter to work, your dog would have to wear a specific kind of collar.

Such pet containment systems can either come as wired or wireless. For the former, the wires are typically buried around the area where the dog would have to stay. On the other hand, an invisible wireless dog fence would no longer need to have any wires involved. However, posts would be set up at certain points.

Invisible dog fence:  How does it work?

invisible dog fenceEach type of electronic dog fence has its own way of ensuring that your pet does not wander away. However, these devices generally introduce a mild shock to the dog whenever it tries to go beyond the set perimeter. Because of the shock, the dog will, after some time, learn that going past a certain area will tend to hurt.

There are also devices that come with an invisible dog fence that make use of ultrasound in order to warn the dog about going beyond a certain point. Some models have also been known to use citronella in order to maintain the perimeter. Of course, all of this would only be effective if you also take time to train your dog. Even without the system yet in place, you can already put up flags that would serve as visual aids for the dog. These would help them remember where the boundaries are.

A key point worth noting before using an Invisible Dog Fence

invisible dog fenceA word of caution, though; although an invisible dog fence is a great way to ensure that you have an unobstructed view of your dog, as well as allowing you peace of mind knowing that your dog would not be wandering some place else, there are still some considerations that you have to make. For one, there are certain dog types that could be quite sensitive even to the mildest of shocks. Aside from this, you also have to keep in mind that an electronic dog fence would need system maintenance in a regular basis in order to ensure that it does not break down.  For more useful articles on Invisible Dog Fence please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/invisible-dog-fence .

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