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Dog Bites — The Dangers of Dog Bites

| Dog Bites | 2012/10/01

Dog Bites — The Dangers of Dog Bites

dog bitesDogs are man’s best friends. Generally, they tend to be quite playful and could get along well with their master as well as those people who he or she regularly sees with his or her master. However, just like with any being, dogs that are abused or maltreated tend to be more violent than the rest. This is typically brought about by the dog’s self-preservation instinct. When the dog feels threatened, the first thing that he would do is to bite whatever it is that is threatening him.

As opposed to what most people think, dog bites could either be fatal or non-fatal. Not all dog bites could lead to rabies. However, as with any open wound, the risk for infection is high for both cases. Adults usually sustain bites in their hands and legs. Children, however, would most likely have dog bites on their neck and face. This has something to do with the height of the child compared to the dog, the neck and the head area being the most accessible to the latter.

Consequences of dog bites

dog bitesThe primary danger that comes with dog bites is actually loss of blood that could lead to death if not medical attention is given to the victim. This is typically the case if the dog involved is of the larger breed. If the area bitten involves bone structures, there is also the possibility of the bone being crushed. Even if the part that has been bitten is attended to shortly, there is still the risk of infection. This happens when the bandages and cotton used to clean the wounds are contaminated. Using alternative forms of treatment can also cause the wound to be come infected.

Rabies associated with dog bites typically happen if the dog involved also has rabies. You have to keep in mind that dogs do not automatically have rabies. Rabies is generally passed on to them if a rabid animal also has bit them. There are also cases where rabies can be transferred to your dog if he or she happens t lick an open would of a rabid animal. Outside of those circumstances, dogs are safe from rabies. You can also go for an extra protection by having your pet vaccinated for rabies.

What you need to do when a dog bites you

dog bitesSo what do you do if a dog bit you or someone you know? The first thing that you have to do is place a clean towel over the wounded area in order to stop the bleeding. Once the wound is not bleeding anymore, wash it with water and soap. Make sure that you keep the wounded area elevated so as not to cause another bleeding episode. Once you have cleaned the wound, cover it with sterile gauze. If you are sure that the dog does not have any rabies, you can just put an antibiotic ointment on the wound everyday in order to keep it from being infected. On the other hand, if you are note sure whether the dog is rabid or not, or if the wound is deep or would not stop bleeding, your best move would be to go and see the doctor.  For more useful articles on Dog Bites please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/dog-bites .

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