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Free Dog Classifieds — How to Find the Best Dog For You

| Free Dog Classifieds | 2012/08/28

Free Dog Classifieds — How to Find the Best Dog For You

Free Dog ClassifiedsDogs are considered to be man’s best friend. This is because, time and again, dogs have proven that they can be loyal to their master even to death. Some of what are considered to be the most loyal and courageous dogs around the world include Hachiko of Japan, who waited for his deceased master every single day for14 years not knowing that the latter has already died; Owney the mail dog; and Chips, the war dog, to name a few.

Scientifically, dogs are known as Canis lupus familiaris. Most of the present-day domesticated dogs that we know of are actually from the gray wolves that have existed about 15,000 years ago. However, there have been remains of domesticated dogs found in Siberia that dates as early back as 33,000 years ago.

Popular Dog Breeds at Free Dog Classifieds dot com

There are many reasons why people want to have a dog as their pet. Some of them believe that dogs are loyal creatures capable of defending its master should the situation call for it, while others simply find puppies and certain dog breeds quite cute. There are also those who feel that dogs can give them the peace of mind that they are looking for. Still, there are those who make use of dogs in order to get by certain medical conditions. Regardless of what reason you might have, before you start looking at free dog classifieds, you need to familiarize yourself first with the different dog breeds.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one dog breed that is quite popular among pet owners. It is a small dog that has long, glossy hair that is oftentimes parted in the middle, from the head down to the tail. In parts of New York, the Labrador Retriever is the dog of choice. The Labrador Retriever can often be seen in police work providing assistance in locating certain items. They are also used as assistance dogs for those who have certain disabilities.

Free Dog ClassifiedsYou would also find among free dog classifieds advertisements for the dog breeds known as the French bulldog and English bulldog. These two related dog broods are commonly for used as companion dogs. Because of their physical structure, these bulldogs cannot be let out in the open for long periods of time as they do not have an efficient way to control their temperature. Aside from this, reproduction and consequent birth would require the help of the dog owner.

The German Shepherd is yet another dog breed that you would commonly come across free dog classifieds. This dog breed is the topmost bet when it comes to police, guard, and military dogs. A loving and loyal companion, German Shepherds tend to be quite protective of the family or territory that they are set out to protect.

Once you know which breed you are looking for, you can easily go through free dog classifieds online. In the same line, you can increase your chances of finding the dog breed that you want by posting your own ad on various free dog classifieds.

How Free Dog Classifieds dot com can help you

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Invisible Dog Fence : Training Your Puppy

| Invisible Dog Fence | 2012/11/22

Invisible Dog Fence — Training Your Puppy

invisible dog fenceIt cannot be denied that dogs are playful creatures. Left to their own devices, they would typically run around your background and start pulling and tugging on things that are within their reach. If you do not do anything about it, you would most probably left with a yard that’s littered with dirt, torn leaves, and broken pots. Fortunately, you can actually do something about it.

If you are not one to send your pet to an obedience school but would like to ensure that your pet dog stays in one place, your best bet would be to make use of an invisible dog fence. An invisible dog fence, also known as an electronic dog fence, functions in much the same way as your regular fence in that it would be able to keep your dog in one place. As the name implies, an invisible dog fence cannot be seen as these systems make use of wires that are kept to surround the area where you want your dog to stay. In order for the said perimeter to work, your dog would have to wear a specific kind of collar.

Such pet containment systems can either come as wired or wireless. For the former, the wires are typically buried around the area where the dog would have to stay. On the other hand, an invisible wireless dog fence would no longer need to have any wires involved. However, posts would be set up at certain points.

Invisible dog fence:  How does it work?

invisible dog fenceEach type of electronic dog fence has its own way of ensuring that your pet does not wander away. However, these devices generally introduce a mild shock to the dog whenever it tries to go beyond the set perimeter. Because of the shock, the dog will, after some time, learn that going past a certain area will tend to hurt.

There are also devices that come with an invisible dog fence that make use of ultrasound in order to warn the dog about going beyond a certain point. Some models have also been known to use citronella in order to maintain the perimeter. Of course, all of this would only be effective if you also take time to train your dog. Even without the system yet in place, you can already put up flags that would serve as visual aids for the dog. These would help them remember where the boundaries are.

A key point worth noting before using an Invisible Dog Fence

invisible dog fenceA word of caution, though; although an invisible dog fence is a great way to ensure that you have an unobstructed view of your dog, as well as allowing you peace of mind knowing that your dog would not be wandering some place else, there are still some considerations that you have to make. For one, there are certain dog types that could be quite sensitive even to the mildest of shocks. Aside from this, you also have to keep in mind that an electronic dog fence would need system maintenance in a regular basis in order to ensure that it does not break down.  For more useful articles on Invisible Dog Fence please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/invisible-dog-fence .

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Dog Allergies Treatment : Taking Care of Your Pet Dog

| Dog Allergies Treatment | 2012/11/05

Dog Allergies Treatment — Taking Care of Your Pet Dog

dog allergies treatmentThe health of your pet and how they behave could rest entirely in your hand. Although there are a few breeds that tend to be more prone to allergies, it is still your responsibility to ensure that your pet dog does not come in contact with known allergens. You also have to make sure that you pay particular attention to what they eat and how they behave. Any change in their usual routine should be a cause for concern. So what do you do if your dog has allergies?

Dog allergies affect about one in seven dogs in the US alone. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that there are some pet owners who are not aware of which food item could not be shared with their pooch. There are also instances where the allergy is caused by another dog who is in a similar position.

Categories of Dog Allergies Treatment

dog allergies treatmentAllergies in dogs can be categorized into four groups: flea allergy dermatitis, where the allergy comes about as a result of flea and other biting insect infestation; canine atopy, which is typically brought about by allergens inhaled by your dog; food allergy; and contact allergies, which comes when your dog comes in contact with an infected skin. Knowledge of what kind of allergy your pet has would enable you to have an idea on what dog allergies treatment to consider.

Best Steps in Dog Allergies Treatment

If your dog has an allergy, the best dog allergies treatment step would be to visit first your veterinarian. Typically, your pet’s doctor would perform an allergy test in order to determine what allergen is involved. For example, if the allergen is in his or her food, the doctor might ask for a complete list of what your dog has eaten for the past 24 hours. The doctor would then introduce each one in order to induce another reaction. When a reaction takes place, the doctor would then form a specific dog allergies treatment plan. This could involve changing the diet of your pet. The veterinarian would also most probably have your pet undergo a skin test as well as a blood test in order to ensure that there are no other allergens involved.

On your part, your best dog allergies treatment plan is to give your pet a bath at least once a week. Doing so would help lessen the itchy feeling that your dog might have. It would soothe his skin and would allow the wounds to heal. If your veterinarian is okay with it, you can also give your pet Benadryl. You can also try fatty acid supplements in order to deal with the effects of the allergy.

dog allergies treatmentSo how would you know if your dog is suffering from an allergy? A dog suffering from an allergic reaction would usually have scabbed skin that is usually itchy and red, itchy and red eyes, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, and swollen paws. You might also notice your dog snoring a lot, chewing his paws, and his hair thinning in some places.  For more useful articles on Dog Allergies Treatment please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/dog-allergies-treatment .

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Dog Fleas — What You Need to Know About Dog Fleas

| Dog Fleas | 2012/10/17

Dog Fleas — What You Need to Know About Dog Fleas

dog fleasIt would be hard for a pet to take care of itself. As a pet owner, one of your responsibilities to your pet is to ensure that he or she is taken care of on a regular basis. Taking care of one’s pet would, of course, include giving it a bath in order to ensure that your pet is free from fleas and any biting insects. Unfortunately, pet grooming is one of the tasks that could take up a lot of time, something that most dog owners do not have much of. When pet grooming is not given priority, the dog usually suffers from dog fleas.

There are more than 2,000 different types of fleas that could attack your dog. In most cases, even if you regularly bathe your dog, there is still a chance that he or she can pick up fleas and ticks especially if he or she is always out in the open. The risk for catching dog fleas get higher if a flea-infested animal has been in your area lately. You have to remember that fleas can survive in one area for almost a year even without feeding.

The Dangers of Infestation of Dog Fleas

dog fleasMost people may not know it but infestation of dog fleas can lead to a number of health problems in your dog, foremost of which is the development of dog allergy. Dog fleas are also known to carry the eggs of tapeworm. If this becomes transferred to your dog, your pet would not only suffer from dog fleas but would also have to contend with tapeworm infestation. Since the presence of fleas is a good indicator of the presence of ticks, you might also have to deal with Lyme disease, a medical condition cause by tick bites.

With so many kinds of fleas, you can expect to come in contact with fleas with different types of behavior. This is because some of these fleas could be coming from different areas of the state.

Home Remedies for Dog Fleas

If you do not have time to take your pet to the veterinarian but would very much like to rid your pet of fleas, one of the things that you can try is to use natural flea repellants made from cedar oil. Most of these products can be bought off the shelf of your local store.

dog fleasA number of pet owners also claim that the Ivory dish detergent can be sprayed on your yard as well as on your dog to get rid of fleas. Do not use it in concentrate form, however. Make sure that you mix in a good deal of water if you would be using it on your dog.

A good mixture of two caps of tea tree oil,  two caps of lemon grass oil, and some water have also shown success in ridding your pet of dog fleas. Many pet owners swear to the fact that fleas drop dead a few seconds after they have sprayed the said mixture to their pet’s fur.  For more useful articles on Dog Fleas please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/dog-fleas .

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Dog Bites — The Dangers of Dog Bites

| Dog Bites | 2012/10/01

Dog Bites — The Dangers of Dog Bites

dog bitesDogs are man’s best friends. Generally, they tend to be quite playful and could get along well with their master as well as those people who he or she regularly sees with his or her master. However, just like with any being, dogs that are abused or maltreated tend to be more violent than the rest. This is typically brought about by the dog’s self-preservation instinct. When the dog feels threatened, the first thing that he would do is to bite whatever it is that is threatening him.

As opposed to what most people think, dog bites could either be fatal or non-fatal. Not all dog bites could lead to rabies. However, as with any open wound, the risk for infection is high for both cases. Adults usually sustain bites in their hands and legs. Children, however, would most likely have dog bites on their neck and face. This has something to do with the height of the child compared to the dog, the neck and the head area being the most accessible to the latter.

Consequences of dog bites

dog bitesThe primary danger that comes with dog bites is actually loss of blood that could lead to death if not medical attention is given to the victim. This is typically the case if the dog involved is of the larger breed. If the area bitten involves bone structures, there is also the possibility of the bone being crushed. Even if the part that has been bitten is attended to shortly, there is still the risk of infection. This happens when the bandages and cotton used to clean the wounds are contaminated. Using alternative forms of treatment can also cause the wound to be come infected.

Rabies associated with dog bites typically happen if the dog involved also has rabies. You have to keep in mind that dogs do not automatically have rabies. Rabies is generally passed on to them if a rabid animal also has bit them. There are also cases where rabies can be transferred to your dog if he or she happens t lick an open would of a rabid animal. Outside of those circumstances, dogs are safe from rabies. You can also go for an extra protection by having your pet vaccinated for rabies.

What you need to do when a dog bites you

dog bitesSo what do you do if a dog bit you or someone you know? The first thing that you have to do is place a clean towel over the wounded area in order to stop the bleeding. Once the wound is not bleeding anymore, wash it with water and soap. Make sure that you keep the wounded area elevated so as not to cause another bleeding episode. Once you have cleaned the wound, cover it with sterile gauze. If you are sure that the dog does not have any rabies, you can just put an antibiotic ointment on the wound everyday in order to keep it from being infected. On the other hand, if you are note sure whether the dog is rabid or not, or if the wound is deep or would not stop bleeding, your best move would be to go and see the doctor.  For more useful articles on Dog Bites please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/dog-bites .

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Cheap Dog Insurance — Finding the Right Dog Insurance

| Cheap Dog Insurance | 2012/09/14

Cheap Dog Insurance — Finding the Right Dog Insurance

cheap dog insuranceFor most people, their pets are their prized possessions. This is because, in most cases, their dogs have proven their loyalty to their master. Another reason for this attitude is the fact that some of the dogs that pet owners have are of a prized breed. If you are one of these owners, then surely you would understand the value of a dog insurance.

By definition, a dog insurance is very much like a health care plan that we have. It is put in place to ensure that pet dogs are able to get the treatment that they need should they meet an accident or suffer from any medical condition. With a dog insurance in place, there would be no more need for the dog owner to worry about how to pay for the hospital costs.  Unfortunately, finding a cheap dog insurance can be quite a challenge.

What to consider when you look for cheap dog insurance

When looking for cheap dog insurance, the first thing that you would have to consider is the amount that you have to pay compared to the coverage of the plan. That being the case, you have to come up with a list of cheap dog insurance providers. Your most accessible tool for this is the Internet. There are a number of sites that provide comparisons between insurance policies. Of course, you have to make sure that you are familiar with the different types of cheap dog insurance policies in the market. Basically cheap dog insurance polices are classified into three – limited cover, capped cover, and lifelong cover.

cheap dog insuranceIt is also a good idea to check out if the insurance provider and the policy you would be signing up for consist of a clause for a No Claims Discount. The No Claims Discount is the amount that you would be able to save should you renew your contract provided that no claims were made for a certain period of time. If there is a provision, you have to verify how many years you would have to ensure that you do not make any claims before you can take advantage of the said discount. In the same manner, you also have to look into the amount that you would have to pay if you decide to stick it out with them when renewal time comes.

And while signing the cheap dog insurance contract….

cheap dog insuranceOnce you have made a short list of which cheap dog insurance provider you would be going for, sit down with them and check out the details of the contract that they would be providing you. Pay particular attention to what is covered and what is not. This is also a good time to raise such issues as how to file for a claim. Make sure that the agent you would be dealing with is someone that you are comfortable with. This would help make transactions proceed smoothly. When you have already signed the contract, keep a copy of your policy in a safe place, and do not forget when your insurance coverage’s renewal date is. Make sure that there are no lapses as this could cause your coverage to be treated as a new policy rather than a renewal.  For more useful articles on cheap dog insurance please browse through http://www.freedogclassifieds.com/category/cheap-dog-insurance .

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